SYNERGY S.R.L is a flue pipes company producer , it has its headquarters in Cuneo’s province in Niella Tanaro. Synergy is a young and dynamic company born in 2010, it is a leader in Italy for the manufacturing  of flue pipes and chimneys in stainless steel and copper , accessorises for open-flues and chimneys, pipes for the installing of wood and pellet stoves.

The company strived to the quality of products, the materials that it uses and to the technological innovation, by specialising in the manufacturing of pipes for the evacuation, for the ventilation, for the aspiration and for the air- conditioning, even by using innovative materials. The high quality of materials, combined to the high technology of the machineries that it uses for the production, is always a warranty for a long duration and reliability.

The logistics and dispatch department warrants 48 hours delivery which will be carried by  thirds couriers with whom we have agreed strong business relationships.

Our strength is the manufacturing of custom-made pieces in order to satisfy any needs of our customers.


As far as the after-sale is concerned, specific attention will be given to customers who ask for any help, need or require information: our office, warehouse and production personnel is constantly available for the customers in order to satisfy the needs of all of them.

The Technical Office is available for estimates and it is also possible to ask for inspections directly at the construction site , in order to give you the best advice for the installing of your chimney pipes.

The company is equipped with the most modern computer systems and offers the opportunity to get an online estimate directly from our website www.grupposynergy.it



Synergy srl has also an establishment in Jesi, in Ancona’s province, where it principally produces products of tinsmithery.

We produce press-bent elements for civil and industrial tinsmithery, devoting passion and precision to products as we are strongly convinced that it is indispensable the uniqueness in precision, the quality and above all the innovation. We pursue scrupulously the projects and we develop the special and customised parts by using the most advanced technologies.

We produce and trade tinsmithery items and several accessorises for the water treatment, such as channels of drainpipes and rainy pipes, metal covers for roofs and the cladding of facades. We also deal with the manufacturing of any type of laminate made in different colours, in order to satisfy our customers.

We provide a wider range of semi-manufactured and manufactured metals such as copper, stainless steel, zinc, iron, brass, etc… Thanks to the experience of our company with the production and the use of the most modern machineries, we are able to warrant high quality products in a short time